LOGO_IWIC-2018_02International workshop on Ice caves will be held between 11 – 18 June 2018 in Potes, Picos de Europa, Spain. The workshop is a nice opportunity for the exchange of ideas and advances in research on ice caves. The objective is to establish contacts and links between researchers during the IWIC, examining the state of the art, the applied techniques to investigate on ice caves and relevant case studies, with special emphasis on promoting international cooperation. It is the ideal setting for the exchange of experiences and the presentation of results about the regional or thematic knowledge. During the workshop the scientific sessions alternate with visits to ice caves in Picos de Europa and karst environments in the coastal and the Cantabrian Mountains, northern Spain.

The sessions planned include topics related to: Glacier ice caves, Ice caves on karst environments, Ice caves biology and biodiversity, Ice caves regional distribution and inventories, Heritage and show ice caves and Other subjects on ice caves.

The workshop is sponsored by the Glacier, Firn and Ice Caves Commission of the International Union of Speleology (UIS). For fourteen years the workshop is held every two years, and previously has been celebrated in Cluj-Napoca (Romania, 2004), Liptovský Mikuláš (Slovakia, 2006), Russia (2008), Obertraum (Austria, 2010), Grigna-Milan (Italy, 2012), Idaho Falls (USA) and Postojna (Slovenia, 2016).

Foind out more at: http://eventos.uva.es/15714/detail/international-workshop-on-ice-caves.html