2018 BIOCLIM Riverine invertebrates as biological indicators of climate driven changes along environmental gradient within the glaciarized Kuray watershed in Altai, Russia. International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic, EU INTERACT, H2020 European Union funding for Research & Innovation.

2014 – 2018 REMTAWARES Madrid’s Network for Advanced Wastewater Treatment (S2013/MAE-2716 Spain), IMDEA Water, Spain.

2014 – 2018 MadridERN2016-2017 Researchers, moving Europe forward. Meet them, join them!. H2020-MSCA-NIGHT-2016 (721631), Foundation Madri+d, Spain.

2016 – 2017 SMART-HYDRO Intelligent system to optimize the use of water in agriculture, RTC-2014-2367-5, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Spain.

2017 CARBONKARST Disentangling the carbon distribution in karst aquifers: the significance for vertical extent of groundwater biota. eLTER H2020 program, an EC-funded project (GA: 654359 – H2020 INFRAIA).

2017 GROUND-BIODIV Towards the use of groundwater biodiversity as indicators for aquifers quality in agricultural watersheds of Coquimbo region (Chile): an ecological field approach (OECD).

2017 END-OSTRACOTOX Monitoring endocrine disruptors in surface waters of central Spain using chronic toxicity ostracod tests – a search for an innovative region-specific risk assessment (Madrid Talent Attraction Program. Call 2016, Spain)

2014 – 2015 MadridERN2014-2015 European Researchers’ Night (H2020-MSCA-NIGHT-2014, No. 633161)

2014 ARCTICOSCOP Arctic ostracods and copepods of the hyporheic zone in Swedish Lapland – assemblages’ resilience and shell chemistry. EU INTERACT, H2020 European Union funding for Research & Innovation.

2014 – Ongoing Groundwater ecological status assessment/surface groundwater interactions – the hyporheic zone and shallow aquifers, a hydrological and biological approach, IMDEA Water, Spain.

2013 – Ongoing Ecological assessment of groundwater and groundwater dependent ecosystems, IMDEA Water, Spain.

2011 The lacustrine ostracods assemblage: archive in paleoclimate reconstruction in the last 150,000 years in Romania, University Babes Bolyai Cluj Napoca, Romania.

2009 – 2012 Sobre la naturaleza científica de las hipótesis taxonómicas. Visualización y representación (CGL2009-08943) Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid, Spain.

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