2018 BIOCLIM Riverine invertebrates as biological indicators of climate driven changes along environmental gradient within the glaciarized Kuray watershed in Altai, Russia. EU INTERACT, H2020 European Union funding for Research & Innovation.

2014 – 2018 REMTAWARES Madrid’s Network for Advanced Wastewater Treatment (S2013/MAE-2716 Spain), IMDEA Water, Spain.

2014 – 2018 MadridERN2016-2017 Researchers, moving Europe forward. Meet them, join them!. H2020-MSCA-NIGHT-2016 (721631), Foundation Madri+d, Spain.

2016 – 2017 SMART-HYDRO Intelligent system to optimize the use of water in agriculture, RTC-2014-2367-5, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Spain.

2017 CARBONKARST Disentangling the carbon distribution in karst aquifers: the significance for vertical extent of groundwater biota. eLTER H2020 program, an EC-funded project (GA: 654359 – H2020 INFRAIA).

2017 GROUND-BIODIV Towards the use of groundwater biodiversity as indicators for aquifers quality in agricultural watersheds of Coquimbo region (Chile): an ecological field approach (OECD).

2017 END-OSTRACOTOX Monitoring endocrine disruptors in surface waters of central Spain using chronic toxicity ostracod tests – a search for an innovative region-specific risk assessment (Madrid Talent Attraction Program. Call 2016, Spain)

2014 – 2015 MadridERN2014-2015 European Researchers’ Night (H2020-MSCA-NIGHT-2014, No. 633161)

2014 ARCTICOSCOP Arctic ostracods and copepods of the hyporheic zone in Swedish Lapland – assemblages’ resilience and shell chemistry. EU INTERACT, H2020 European Union funding for Research & Innovation.

2014 – Ongoing Groundwater ecological status assessment/surface groundwater interactions – the hyporheic zone and shallow aquifers, a hydrological and biological approach, IMDEA Water, Spain.

2013 – Ongoing Ecological assessment of groundwater and groundwater dependent ecosystems, IMDEA Water, Spain.

2011 The lacustrine ostracods assemblage: archive in paleoclimate reconstruction in the last 150,000 years in Romania, University Babes Bolyai Cluj Napoca, Romania.

2009 – 2012 Sobre la naturaleza científica de las hipótesis taxonómicas. Visualización y representación (CGL2009-08943) Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid, Spain.

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